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Sofie Lawett and Caroline Richter founded A Second Love Affair when their babies seemed to outgrow their barely-used garments in a split second. Their belief in circular fashion and the desire to find a way to prolong the life cycle of each garment gave the inspiration to the idea of renting out children's clothing. 

​More details of my work below.


A Second Love Affair


To create a webshop that is on brand and where the experience of renting clothes is smooth and easy to understand.
Important aspects:  
•  Minimalistic look.
•  Flexible renting functions.


•  I grabbed the opportunity to combine working and learning, as this was my first time creating a webshop in Shopify. 
•  I learned the functions and structure of Shopify as a platform and the basics of Shopify's code language Liquid.
•  The concept of renting clothes is not as established as we thought when we started. That was the most tricky aspect of this project. After interviewing programmers all over the world, we found an application that was able to solve the checkout and payment issues that came with renting. 
•  Start small, scale up.


•  A webshop in Shopify that have the possibility to grow. 
•  A sturdy solution to the rental experience as far as UX and payment for both customer and administration.
•  A minimalistic look with the menu to the right and a drop down menu that folds out to the side (not below).
•  A webshop layout that is easily managed and quickly updated by the company owners. 

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